Packing Fashionably: Tips for Stylish Travelers

Travelling need not be a headache. With the right tips, you can travel and look stylish too! No matter what type of journey you’re embarking on, these tips will help you achieve the perfect look with ease. From the clothes you wear to the accessories you carry, this article will help you travel in style. So, come join us and learn how to pack fashionably for those upcoming trips!

1. Maximizing Space Through Savvy Packing

Start Making a List – Whether you’re planning a weekend away or a longer trip, head to the store and pick up a few key organizing items. zippered packing cubes and dividers are great for separating clothing, and buying a few rolls of packing tape can help to easily label delicate souvenirs that may be breakable.

Roll, Don’t Fold – Folding clothes may be the easy route, but instead, try rolling them. Placing them upright in your suitcase not only saves on space, but it can also help to reduce wrinkles in the process.

  • Fit smaller clothing items inside larger ones to maximize space.
  • Standardizing the size of your toiletries is essential.
  • Choose a versatile wardrobe that can be repurposed for a variety of occasions.

Items in their Place – Consider the items you’ll want local access to the most and put those at the top of your suitcase. Think items like your mobile phone, passport, and sometimes even a book. Use the sides and corners along with items like your shoes as a way to store smaller items that could get lost easily.

Be Prepared for the Unexpected – Not everything can fit into a suitcase. If you have more items that need to be packed, consider packing an extra bag, or using a larger piece of luggage to maximize your packing.

2. Defining Your Travel Style

When it comes to travelling, everyone has their own way of doing it. Perhaps you prefer to go on a luxurious 5-star getaway. Or maybe more of an outdoor adventure type? Either way, it’s essential to decide on a travel style that best fits your personality and your budget limitations.

One of the first steps is figuring out what your preferences are when it comes to travelling. Do you enjoy planning a lot or prefer to keep it minimal?
Are you someone who likes to stay in the same home-base for a while or do you prefer to move around often? Do you like to plan extensively or prefer to wing it and let the journey take you wherever it may? Answering these questions can help you begin narrowing down the style that best works for you.

Are you a lone wanderer or an avid group traveller? Perhaps both? Also, consider if you’d like to travel within one country or take on different destinations in a matter of days. This can be a good way to explore different cultures and countries in a tight budget. Some options available might be:

  • Backpacking
  • Luxury travel
  • Road tripping
  • Cruising
  • Solo travel
  • Group travel

Some people with a limited budget may find themselves drawn to backpacking. This type of travelling often includes hostels, hitchhiking and an overall sense of adventure. On the other hand, luxury travel might be more appealing to those who enjoy luxury accommodation, first class transportation, and lots of great food and culture.

Depending on your lifestyle, the type of holiday you wish to experience is up to you. Taking some time to really think about your travel preferences can determine your ideal travel style.

Embrace the Look and Feel of this Season

As the summer months approach, self-care might include the occasional getaway. is an opportunity to break out from the everyday and make a statement with your wardrobe choices. This year, plan ahead and refresh your wardrobe with on-trend pieces that you can take with you anywhere.

Light and airy fabrications are always a hit. Look for natural materials, such as cotton and linen, to create pieces that will take you from chlorine-filled pool days to romantic beachside dinners. Asymmetrical silhouettes add a bohemian vibe and dramatic flair, while off-the-shoulder details are an attention-grabbing way to keep it chic and comfortable.

For jet-setting style, craft appropriately airy looks that are sophisticated yet eye-catching. Keep it breezy with flowy tops and cropped ankle trousers, and incorporate bold patterns and bright colors. Accessorize with mismatched earrings and statement necklaces for an elevated take, or incorporate straw details, like a bag or hat, for a heatwave-ready look.

When it comes time to plan your trip, keep an eye out for pieces that can be worn in multiple ways. Invest in pieces that are versatile, like on-trend joggers you can dress up with a lightweight blazer and cute flats, or a summer dress you can take from a beach day to a night out. And, of course, don’t forget to pack the shades, a hat, and maybe a straw handbag.

4. The Do’s and Don’ts of Packing Fashionably

Fashionably packing for a trip can often be tricky, but with the right tips it can be made a lot easier. Here are some must-follow rules of thumb when it comes to packing fashionably for your next trip.


  • Identify the weather forecast for your destination. That way you get an idea of what to include in your wardrobe to keep you well-equipped during your stay.
  • Bring clothing items that can be combined with each other easily, which will help you create a range of looks for each event you attend.
  • Pack accessories to give any outfit individual flair. Whether it’s a statement necklace or an eye-catching handbag – all accessories can elevate an outfit.
  • Bring versatile items. For instance, wear neutral colored clothing as they can easily be dressed up or down, or try trendy items that also work with your existing wardrobe.


  • Over-pack. Make a list of what you absolutely need and try to stick to that. Pack only items that isolate your personal style, as the rest won’t be of much use to you.
  • Ignore the color wheel, as the wrong combination of colors won’t help your look. Instead, pick a color palette that will give you a cohesive dressing style.
  • Skip out on basic items. Every wardrobe needs some key pieces to make your look complete. Think classic stripes, polka dot blouses, and timeless jeans.
  • Forget comfy shoes. When you are travelling, you will walk a lot – so make sure you have appropriate and comfortable footwear. Choosing stylish sneakers will help you stand out while also keeping you agile.

No matter what destination you choose, these fashion tips will help you get started on your way to packing fashionably for your trip.

Whether you’re jetting off for business or pleasure, you can look fashionable in almost any circumstance. With these fashion-forward packing tips, stylish travelers can rest assured that their suitcase will be filled with chic ensembles no matter the destination. So, no matter where the journey takes you, don’t forget your sense of fashion – and your sense of adventure. Bon voyage!

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