Fashion Events Around the Year: Must-Visit Dates for Fashion Lovers

For fashionistas, each month is a chance to explore the latest runway trends, attend an inspiring event, or catch a glimpse of the fashion elite in the thick of the action. To make the most out of the year, fashion lovers should be aware of the top fashion events around the globe, from the international shows of Paris Fashion Week to the global art scene of Los Angeles. This article will provide all the must-visit dates for those who want to make the most of their fashion experience.

1.Styling up the Year: Must-Visit Dates for Fashion Lovers

For fashion enthusiasts, the start of a new year brings the promise of exciting events to look forward to. From fashion weeks and exhibitions, to creative studio tours and couture protests, here is our list of must-visit events that will surely get you styling up the year!

London Fashion Week

The London Fashion Week is a bi-annual event that is a must-visit for any fashion lover. Featuring the work of leading British designers, it is a chance for industry creatives to gather and show off their collections. This year, the show will be in February.

Shelter Exhibition

Organised by Vitsoe and designed by the creative duo Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby, the Shelter Exhibition is a thought-provoking collaboration on the topic of participatory architecture, and a great way to soak up cutting-edge design. It will run from 21 March to 25 May 2020.

Hèlène Galen Pop-up

Designer Helène Galen will be launching her first-ever pop-up event in Los Angeles. The event, which will run from 6 to 8 April, will feature fearless designs inspired by urban culture. This is the perfect chance for fashion lovers to discover cutting-edge design, partake in exclusive activities and more.

Toga Studio Tour

The Japanese fashion label Toga puts on this unique experience that allows guests to explore the brand’s Tokyo headquarters for a special look at the creative process. From 25 to 31 April, visitors will be able to get a glimpse into the world of Toga and experience the fashion house’s runway-style fashion and captivating art.

2.From Runway Dramas to Luxury Shopping Bazaars – What to Look Out For

High-end Fashion Events

The runway shows never fail to bring excitement and the latest fashion innovations. Look out for standout collections from young designers and established luxury brands in the prestigious fashion weeks and events. Immerse yourself in the energy of a runway drama and explore modern pieces from both local and international designers.

Luxury Shopping Malls

Unwind and rejoice in the luxe shopping experience offered by the luxurious shopping malls. Get ready to be dazzled by fashionable and stylish boutiques located in the shopping meccas. Discover the newest collections at stores that provide an exclusive shopping experience, and pick up merely what you love.

Fringe Markets

Peruse through the vibrant and vibrant fringe markets to find hidden gems and fresh finds. Get lost in the unique racks of secondhand finds and vintage items, and keep an eye out for the latest designer-inspired pieces no longer carried in stores. Experience the unique vibes at the flea markets and discover unique accessories and clothing from independent designers.

Vintage Bazaars

For unending shopping pleasure, vintage bazaars are the perfect spots to search high and low for one-of-a-kind pieces. Enjoy an afternoon digging through vintage shops and the interesting treasures they bring. Here, find unique gems from previous collections of high-end fashion labels, rare finds from the past, and secondhand items. Highlights also include vintage leather bags and shoes.

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the best and latest offerings of fashion events, shopping malls, fringe markets, and vintage bazaars for your fashion needs and wants! From the excitement of the runway to the bustling atmosphere of the shopping bazaar, fashion never stops.

We live in a global market – it’s no surprise that what’s hot in one part of the world is likely to become popular everywhere else. By actively studying the trends from around the world, you can stay ahead of the game and be the first to make them available to the right market. Here’s how:

  • Do your homework:Immerse yourself in what’s happening in the fashion, beauty and lifestyle industries of different countries. Keep your eyes and ears out for the latest buzz.
  • Connect with the locals:Reach out to industry influencers from around the world – bloggers, journalists, even trend experts. See what they’re excited about and start creating connections.
  • Let social media help:Follow the biggest trendsetters on your favorite social media channels. See what’s popular, take a look at what they’re wearing, and find out what their followers are talking about.

Find what works for you best and decide on the most cost-effective methods of identifying and analyzing these trends. Consider getting a tool that will analyze popular hashtags across different social media platforms. You’d be surprised at how quickly the most directional movements can be noticed.

Once you’ve identified the trends, take some time to understand them. Analyze them from a customer’s point of view and decide if they’d be a great fit for your brand and specific market.

Ultimately, the success of a trend’s acceptance depends on the level of effort you put into marketing it. Promote the trend by giving it the attention it deserves, and customers will be hitting the stores and buying up the new look.

4.Create Your Own Style: What to Wear To These Events

Winter Gala at a Mansion

You’ll be surrounded by luxury and royalty at a winter gala at a mansion. A showstopper of an outfit is a must for this occasion! Go for nothing less than a full-length gown in a beautiful jewel tone. Opt for a gown that will flatter your body shape, and make sure to add some bling. Statement earrings, a sparkly belt, or a glitter clutch can be just the trick.

  • A classic ball gown
  • Metallic or embellished fabrics
  • Eye-catching statement jewelry

City Concert

Awaken your inner rock star with your city concert outfit. A timeless leather jacket and ripped jeans can be the perfect combo to express your style. To vamp up your look, wear a statement t-shirt of your favorite band and some boots or chunky sneakers. Complete the outfit with layered jewelry and standout statement accessories.

  • A leather jacket
  • Ripped jeans
  • A t-shirt with logo and/or print
  • Boots or chunky sneakers
  • Unique jewelry and accessories

Chic Garden Party

Hosting an outdoor soiree in a palatial garden calls for equally sophisticated dressing. Look for something flirty and fresh, but with an elevated twist. A pastel midi or maxi dress with florals and frills can perfectly encapsulate the vibe. Keep it cool with a pair of slingback pumps, flatforms, or block heels. Finish the look with some colorful jewelry and a romantic up-do.

  • A midi or maxi dress
  • Florals and frills
  • Slingback, flatform, or block heels
  • Colorful jewelry
  • An up-do

Fashion never sleeps, and neither should you! Now that you know the must-visit fashion events throughout the year, go make some room in your calendar and embrace the opportunity to explore the world of fashion. Who knows—you may make some memorable connections and leave with memories and fashion trends to last a lifetime!

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