Celebrity Fashion Dos and Don’ts: Learning from Famous Mistakes

The world of celebrity never fails to fascinate us. From its fans to its critics, there is something irresistible about seeing how the lives of the rich and famous unfold, and their lavish lifestyles. What’s even more interesting is how celebrities often help set the trend for the rest of us in fashion, beauty, and style. That said, it’s not always glamorous. Celebrity fashion, like everything else, has its fair share of dos and don’ts. That’s why it can be so useful to learn from the famous fashion faux pas that have come before us, and turn them into dos for our own fashion decisions. In this article, we will explore the celebrity fashion dos and don’ts, and how we can learn from famous mistakes.

1. What are the Most Common Fashion Don’ts Among Celebrities?

When it comes to fashion and style, celebs are often held in an idealized state that is hard to live up to. This makes it even more obvious when they take a wrong turn into a fashion faux pas, and the celeb can quickly feel the ridicule of social media.

Overly Trendy Looks

Celebrities often try to stay ahead of the curve, but this can come with risks if the risky look goes too far. The most common offender is a too-trendy fashion that will be viewed as a passing fad in a few months time. A subtle way to stay on top of fashion trends is the best way to go.

Bright Colours & Clashes

Mother always said that one should “dress to impress,” but in the world of celebrity style, this phrase should come with a few qualifiers. Certain colours can be a bit too bold and bright or too much can clash in an outfit. For a look that stands up well to photographs and video, opt for more toned down colour choices.

  • Too bright pink
  • Peachy yellow
  • Too much purple

Ill-Fitting Styles

Often times, celebrities will be followed by a stylist or team of designers. This can come with a few risks if the sizes and proportions chosen end up being too tight or too baggy. A stylish oversized fashion can work, but too much of it will end up making the celeb look disheveled. Finding the right fit is key to a good celebrity style.

  • Wrinkly clothing
  • Too tight clothing
  • Too baggy clothing

2. Breaking Down the Biggest Celebrity Fashion Faux Pas

Sure, Hollywood can be an unforgiving place — mistakes are taken in stride, but one thing that’s always keenly observed are any fashion faux pas amongst celebrities. To err is human after all, and celebrities certainly aren’t exempt from that truth. Let’s take a look at some of the most notorious celebrity style blunders.

Toddlers and Tiaras

It’s no secret that every now and then, questionable parenting makes its way to the red carpet. Unfortunately, that was the case for one particular toddler on the famous Hollywood walkway — tot Heaven Lee sported a dress covered in plastic jewels and a tiara worthy of a Disney princess herself, all while being a few years away from learning how to properly brush her own hair. Clearly the fashion statement aimed to promote her mother’s clothing line, but it definitely turned heads in all for the wrong reasons.

Two Become One

Few fashion moments will have us saying “What were they thinking?” quite like when couple Reese Witherspoon and Jim Toth hit the red carpet in 2015. Their maroon leather outfits featured lovey-dovey phrases down the arms and legs, leading to the fashion duo matching their way into the hall of (questionable) fame. Although we definitely can’t discredit their love for each other, that night showed us that taking a page from matching bedroom sweaters simply don’t translate to the award show stage.

All That Glitters is Not Gold

The adage “less is more” has been proven time and time again for celebrities at award shows, and that’s what wasn’t properly taken to mind when it came to the silver gown that Mariah Carey donned at the AMA’s in the late 90’s. The embellished design featured a blazer-like cropped top made up of hundreds of stones — which wasn’t done in a tasteful manner. Top the dress off with a matching headband connected by silver chains, and you have the recipe for a fashion disaster.

When Bad Meets Worse

You know it’s bad when one of your fashion critics is the incomparable singer Cher — and that’s exactly what happened for the 2002 Oscars. When Madonna stepped onto the red carpet, her ice blue ensemble, which included a sniper neck piece and a net-covered skirt, did turn a few heads. However, it may have been the accompanying accessories that gave the singer an additional side-eye. Madonna amped up the look with gauntlets, heavy makeup, and a cone-shaped bra hat.

Celebrities are known for pushing the boundaries of fashion, and although they don’t always hit the mark (or even come close), it’s always hilarious to take a look back at the most outrageous celebrity fashion faux pas.

3. Strategies for Taking Inspiration From Star Style Blunders

Everyone has their fashion missteps, including famous celebrities! That being said, there are numerous strategies to take inspiration from these celebrity style blunders to fashion a look that does suit you better. Here are some helpful tips that you should consider when using star style blunders to influence your own wardrobe:

  • Forget the Label: Many times, celebs will be outfitted in pieces that are a part of a really high-end fashion label. When taking style notes, you don’t need to assume that you need to go out and buy an expensive designer outfit to achieve the same look.
  • Play With Color: While many celebs may opt for seemingly outrageous clothing choices, that doesn’t mean you should be afraid to try something new. Dare to play with color and use the most vibrant hues to make a statement.
  • Develop Your Own Spin: Emulating celebrity fashion if a great way to get a feel for what styles, cuts and fits work best for you. Once you’ve found a few looks to try, find ways to make those looks your own with a unique accessory, color combination or texture.

When studying what’s popular on the red carpets of Hollywood, it is important to remember that celebrities have a team to dress them and style them for maximum effect. Whereas you may only have limited resources to work with, you can still recreate the celebrity essence with the addition of a few well-chosen pieces.

Experimenting with different colors and styles can make a huge difference to almost any look. From mixing and matching textures to finding one-of-kind pieces, the possibilities are limitless. Have fun with your wardrobe and even take ideas from star style blunders.

4. Dressing to Learn From Celebrity Fashion Don’ts

When it comes to celebrity fashion, there are some iconic — and some slightly less iconic looks — that make for memorable moments. But, it’s not always the looks that captivate audiences, often times what’s not worked also proves to be an important lesson. Here are four key takeaways when it comes to .

1. Let it Go

The key to avoiding a fashion slip-up is to let go of the idea of perfection and try something new and different. Avoiding a fashion faux pas doesn’t always mean repeating the same look over and over. Dare to stand out and step outside of your comfort zone.

2. Love Yourself

Dress for yourself and your personal style, not for everyone else. The allure of fashion should be for self-expression, not comparison. And, when it comes to celebrity fashion, it’s helpful to keep in mind that celebrities often wear designers’ pieces that are not available for public consumption.

3. Comfort

The biggest takeaway of all is to be comfortable in your clothes. Not every item should seem like a prison that you can’t wait to take off. Especially if you are dressing for an important event or a formal occasion, it’s critical for you to be comfortable in your outfit.

4. Own it

What you wear and how you wear it is an extension of your personality and your self-confidence. Rocking fashion don’ts that work for your body type is always a winning move. So, take those calculated risks and own your look.

As your style and fashion inspiration, celebrities can provide a wealth of knowledge, including important dos and don’ts in the world of fashion. As you experiment and explore, take some cues from celebrities who have made mistakes, and strive to put your own unique spin on looks that bring out your personal best. With courage, creativity, and hard work, you can make sure that your fashion dos are always wins.

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