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From New York Fashion Week to the Met Gala, fashion events around the world draw huge numbers of stylish attendees every year. Join the fashion elite for a night out, or take a fashion-filled vacation to a different city— discover the must-visit fashion dates for a stylish year!

A Glimpse into the Roaring Twenties Fashion

The twenties were an era of style, flamboyance and individuality. Women embraced shorter hemlines and daring colours, while men embraced a dapper, rebellious aesthetic. It was a time of innovation and expression, and the fashion lives on in the designs of today.

Fashionable Hotels: Where Luxury Meets Style

From tranquil spa retreats to ultra-luxe city stays, fashionable hotels combine luxury with impeccable style. Whether you're looking for statement-making decor or timeless sophistication, you'll be sure to find a chic destination that suits you perfectly.